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West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University is located in Institute, just eight miles outside of Charleston.

The university, also known simply as WVSU, was established in 1891.

It is the smallest land grant institution in the country.

It was earlier called West Virginia Colored Institute but the name was later changed to West Virginia Collegiate Institute in 1915.

The name, West Virginia State University was finally adopted in the year 1929.

Booker T. Washington has been frequently associated with the State.

The mascot of West Virginia State University is called The Yellow Jacket.

The athletics teams of the State play in Division II of NCAA.

WVSU is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

There are four major academic colleges, namely Arts and Humanities, Business Administration and Social Sciences, Professional Studies and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

WVSU offers three types of programs namely Baccalaureate, Master's Degree and Professional Certification.

The campus is spread over 100 acres and houses 41 buildings.

The school has approximately 2500 students at the moment.

The student to faculty ratio is merely 17:1.

There are 21 undergraduate degrees as well as graduate degrees.

Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf and Baseball are the premier sports being played in the State with both men's and women's teams playing in NCAA.

The colors of the university are gold and black and they have become very popular with the mascot Yellow Jackets as well. In fact, it has a cult status.

WVSU also offers the WVSU Extension Services as well as CASTEM. Both of these programs are focused on the STEM program.

The CASTEM program has been devised in association with NASA and it has two Aerospace Education Laboratories as well.

West Virginia State University is also a pioneer in academic research especially in the field of agriculture and environment.

WVSU also offers International Studies program in French and German.

The students can also make use of the online classes and learning resources provided by the State.

The Drain-Jordan Library features more than 200,000 books along with several magazines, eBooks, e-journals and hundreds of document for the research purpose.

You would also be able to see several arts collection in the library area.

WVSU is running 8 financial aids programs for the students. The major grants are Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG Grant and Federal Work Study grant.

Criminal Justice Courses include:
-- Introduction to criminal Justice
-- Victimology
-- court systems in the United States
-- Police & society
-- Punishment and corrections
-- Introduction to Forensic Science
-- Ethics in Criminal Justice
-- Drugs & Society
-- Crimes in the Family
-- Criminal Law
-- Community Corrections
-- Race & Gender Issues
-- Correctional Institutions
-- Research Methods
-- Criminology
-- Contemporary Issues in Policing
-- Criminal Investigation
-- International Terrorism
-- Criminal Procedures
-- International Criminal Justice Systems
-- Management of Criminal Justice Organizations
-- Correctional Law
-- Internship in Criminal Justice
-- Treatment of Offenders
-- Law and Social Control
-- Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

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